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To attain your goals

The Small Business Development Center works with companies positioned to expand their business to the next level.

Contact the SBDC if you’re ready to:

  • Hire the right employees

  • Add additional services/products

  • Gain new customers

  • Develop a website

  • Open a new office

  • Turn a higher profit

Grow your business and attain your business goals!



Growing your operation usually means hiring in-house team members, but your business also has the option to outsource tasks – which makes hiring a little easier, as cultural fit isn’t quite as important as it might be with a full-time employee. Plus, it’s easier to move on from outsourced parties than it is to cut ties with a full-time, in-house worker. To balance in-house employees and outsourced workers, experts suggest keeping tasks related to your competitive advantage in-house. Otherwise, your business becomes alarmingly reliant on outsourced help. Consider outsourcing tasks when you lack expertise.


After very productive advising sessions, Kate was able focus on marketing and to research the industry and community as to find out what segment of CrossFit is most popular and potential new classes and partnerships that could be introduced. Even though her business had been “making money” for the last 8 years, she wasn’t sure if she was really making a profit. 

The SBDC introduced her to Profit Mastery, a tool to help you gain the knowledge and skills needed to help a business achieve financial success.


“My relationship with SBDC is one that is truly invaluable. I began working with them ... and as a result we're seeing a huge shift in our culture and excitement around what we're doing.”

– Kate Rawlings, Coca Crossfit

Coca Crossfit



Business Name:

Coca CrossFit


What prompted the idea for your business?  What ignited your entrepreneurial spark?


At the age of 27, I competed in the CrossFit Games as an individual competitor and walked away from it with a contract from Reebok. I didn't own a home yet, I was single and felt like I had nothing to lose for trying. I knew I loved working out and that I had enjoyed coaching a class here and there at my previous gym. Fortunate for me it's been 8 years and I still think that crazy thought to open a gym was the best thing I could have done.

How did you get funded? What creative strategies did you use to execute on minimal cash flow? 


I started with what I had. VERY LITTLE! I wanted to run a cash flow positive business and starting with a big loan seemed like the opposite of setting myself up for success. I chose a business that was able to grow with me as my profits grew and to this day I have never taken a loan against the business. Thinking big while having little really forced me to prioritize what was really important and to build a business that's sustainable.

What has been your most satisfying moment in business? What is your favorite aspect of being an entrepreneur?

It sounds cheesy, but opening the door everyday at 4:50 am is the most satisfying moment, or closing it down at 8:30 pm for the day. Knowing that I have transformed an empty warehouse into a community and that over the last 8 years has touched so many lives is truly motivating and inspiring in itself. The best and worst part of being an entrepreneur is not having anyone to answer to; because you are the top position. Obviously, if you have investors or partners that's a different story. I am a solo owner, no investors or business partners so I have the flexibility to build my vision, and to change that vision as often as I want... because it's mine!

What motivates you to succeed? How do you push through the moments of fear or doubt?


I am a competitive person by nature and everyday I wake up with the competition of making it another day, another week, another month. I am hard wired to want to continue to improve and evolve. The instant that I say 'good enough' I will close up shop.


As far as pushing through fear and doubt, I once had it was explained perfectly to me... if you can't take being punched in the face on a daily basis you're not meant to be an entrepreneur.



Describe how your relationship with SBDC at LCCC has accelerated your company's growth and success. 


My relationship with SBDC is one that is truly invaluable. I began working with them coming off maternity leave of my first born less than 6 months ago. Being able to work with their team of experts has reignited my drive to evolve and press forward. To step into the next season of my business and as a result we're seeing a huge shift in our culture and excitement around what we're doing. 

SBDC Services Utilized

  • Business Planning

  • Cash flow

Coca Case Study
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