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One of our top priorities at the SBDC is to provide valuable educational opportunities to our clients.


Every year, we offer workshops, covering a wide variety of topics, to help entrepreneurs propel their businesses forward. 

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Human Resource Basics

This workshop is designed for small business owners that have 1- 50 employees and will assist you in making sure your basic HR compliance is in order. Learn about some of the core H.R. best practices and requirements, regulatory hot topics, and how they apply to your business. You will learn tips on how to protect yourself and your employees by utilizing appropriate employee forms, files and employee handbooks. 

Image by Sara Kurfeß

Planning Your Social Media Strategy

Learn why social media is a great way to attract new customers and increase repeat business. Whether you are a beginner, or have been using it for awhile, or have been procrastinating and sitting on the sideline - this workshop is for you! 

The workshop will help you determine the best social media channels for your business so you can take control of your conversation.


Smart Start Workshop

Business owners, are you challenged to keep up with the daily routines in your business, knowing you need to do more to focus on growth, but uncertain what to do? With growth decision-making and action planning. This workshop will help you to focus and prioritize areas in your business. We will create an action plan to accelerate your business growth.

Image by Kelly Sikkema

Accounting and Record Keeping

Learn how to keep track of your business revenue and expenses and the best systems to use. Review using account software vs. spreadsheets and how to set up a basic chart of accounts.


This workshop is designed to help the newer business owner or pre-venture business owner organize and keep track of their financials.


Hashtags that Work For Your Small Business

You’re hearing conflicting news. Sometimes you hear that hashtags are awesome and you should use them 100% of the time and as many as the platform will allow. Other times you’ll hear that the algorithm has made hashtags completely obsolete... you don’t need them and you’ll never get traffic from them anyway. 

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